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Syngency's New Look

February 06, 2018

This week we'll be introducing Syngency's new look.

You'll see our new logo and a light update to the platform's aesthetic.

These design updates won't change the way you use Syngency, only the look and feel – every feature is functionally the same and just how you remember them.

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Making Milestones: How We Tripled Our Revenue

May 09, 2017

We're passionate about helping our customers by providing them with software that smoothly manages their tasks so they can focus on what they're here to do – make excitement!

Talent agencies thrive in a dynamic industry, every day they're collaborating with clients, employees and partners to help launch brands, market products and produce entertainment. 

This is all happening while they're curating the careers of their talent: the people you see representing these brands in your television, movies and magazines.

Yes, it can be hectic.

But that's why they need a stable force like Syngency to help them stay organised to balance and smooth things out.

From humble beginnings in New Zealand, we're growing to meet the demand of talent agencies and creatives around the world. We talk to our founder Ryan Marshall about how the Nasdaq Milestone Makers Program helped him set milestones to achieve that growth.

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4 Benefits for Automating Your Business

March 09, 2017

 "Automation" seems to be the word of the moment. We understand it's good for business but what does the term actually mean? And how can it add value to the way you operate? To put it simply, automation is having technology do things for you so you don't have to. 

Here are four benefits of automating your business that optimize your operations and maximize your success:

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Customer Spotlight: Stasia Langford

February 22, 2017

Our customer spotlight this month is on Stasia Langford, President and Co-Owner of The Dragonfly Agency.

This model management company is the definition of a 'modern agency' – known for their distinctive creativity and innovation.

The Dragonfly Agency's reach goes beyond their headquarters in Dallas, Texas – with an impressive global network of high fashion clients and agencies, they empower their models to work worldwide. 

To run a high-demand modeling agency like The Dragonfly Agency requires formidable business skills.  Stasia has an impressive career that spans many leadership roles – she understands the importance of maintaining smooth operations and delivering a high quality service, especially in an industry that is highly competitive.

We talk to Stasia about how Syngency made a difference to the operations of her agency.

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These efficiency leaks could be costing your agency $$$$

November 07, 2016

Did you know that U.S. businesses waste $1.8 trillion dollars a year because of efficiency leaks?

It's easy to excuse inefficiency. There's never a "right time" to deal with inefficiency and the effects on your business process – it could be an important deal that needs attention, upcoming deadlines, anything that is "more important". 

But if you don't take time to address and solve the inefficiencies in your agency, complacency and stagnation sets in.  When this happens, loss of competitiveness and lower profits will soon follow.

In a series of helpful articles, we'll help you put a stop inefficiency in your agency.

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